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Peter Ogwang

Minister Peter Ogwang Survives Broad Daylight Assassination

posted onJanuary 10, 2021

State Minister for ICT Peter Ogwang has on Sunday survived broad daylight assassination after he was attacked by hooligans reportedly set up by his political opponents. 

Ogwang was campaigning in Ocorimongin Town where his rival, Augustine Otuko hails from, when he was attacked and nearly killed by a spear. 

Ogwang has been highly targeted by political rivals in Katakwi who facilitate people to attack him. His rivals' supporters have on several occasions caused provocations and attacks on his supporters. 

Below is a statement from the Minister;

For the last over 30 days, I have been camped in my constituency, Ngariam holding very peaceful campaigns in accordance with the Electoral Commission (EC) calendar, untill today, Sunday when I went to Ocorimongin Town Board.

I had just started talking to the people after being invited by the Area LCI when a group of hooligans stormed the meeting and started ruthlessly beating up my supporters. Several of my agents and supporters have been injured and are receiving treatment. All my posters in Ocorimongin Town have been destroyed by this small group of hired hooligans who were wielding knives, sticks and iron bars. 

Their plan was to attack and use a spear to assassinate me right in front of my voters. I was tipped off by an old woman who told me that my political rivals had ganged up and are planning to kill me. 

A one Pastor David, a renowned agent of one of my political opponents was seen distributing money to the hooligans to attack me. The same Pastor David was seen pelting stones on my car and I have already recorded a statement in Ocorimongin Police Post for justice to prevail. 

My security managed to arrest two of those attackers and they are now being detained. Pastor David managed to escape. 

I urge politicians to exercise civility and maturity while campaigning. We should refrain from facilitating and using young people to cause chaos. Resorting to violence will not earn you the votes. You had the time to convince people to vote you, now is the time to sit for the political exams. If you didn't revise/campaign well then do not resort to violence. 

This is simply a cowardly act which must be condemned in the strongest term possible and I will not sit untill the perpetrators of this violence are brought to book.
Peter Ogwang (MP) 
NRM Flagbearer, Ngariam County 

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