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Speaker Among Assures MPs on Akii-bua Stadium

Speaker Among Assures MPs on Akii-Bua Stadium

by Max Pat
posted onNovember 17, 2023

Speaker, Anita Among, has assured MPs from Lango sub- region that government’s plan to construct Akii Bua stadium in Lira district still stands, relieving their fears over the stadium’s fate, following its exclusion from those being prepared to host the 36th edition of the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) games in 2027.

“It doesn’t require us to go outside and address press conferences. We will have it constructed, we can still appropriate money and have Akii-Bua stadium constructed,” she said while chairing the plenary sitting on Wednesday, 15 November 2023. “Let us appropriate money. If there is any place that needs a stadium, it is Akii Bua, because it has history, it is a commemoration for the late athlete John Akii Bua.” 
She explained that the AFCON bid enlists requirements for a stadium to qualify to host the games. 

“It is a fact that in the bid there are specifications that were listed that are being checked. For example, you must have a five-star hotel, an air field among others. There is no need to panic, 2027 is quiet far,” said Among.

Hon. Samuel Acuti (Ind., Kole North County) explained that his colleagues from Lango were concerned that whereas the construction of Akii Bua stadium was among government commitments for which Uganda won the AFCON bid, the stadium has been dropped.

“The sudden change is what caused problems. In fact 29 MPs from the region bear the same concerns. We are aware that Akii Bua was one of the six commitments for winning the bid,” he said.

Fort Portal Central Division MP, Alex Ruhunda, asked that government takes up the responsibility of nurturing talent by putting sports facilities countrywide.

According to the Minister of Information, Communication Technology and National Guidance, Chris Baryomunsi, plans are already underway to construct stadia in each region where Akii Bua will be covered.

“A few weeks ago we held a Cabinet meeting where we reviewed the Sports Bill. We took a decision that government is going to build stadia in all regions and later in the traditional independence districts of West Nile, Kigezi, Ankole, Acholi and the rest,” Baryomunsi said.





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