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Joint Security Forces Arrest Man Who Killed LC III Chairperson, UPDF Officer in Kotido

posted onAugust 28, 2023

The joint security forces arrested the killer who shot dead the LCIII chairperson of Longaroe sub-county Moses Lomuria Moses and a UPDF officer named Lt Issa Mayende. On Saturday, Aug 26, at around 6:30pm, the joint security forces in close collaboration with good law-abiding citizens (wanainchi), after a tip-off conducted a swift and timely response which led to the arrest of criminal Modo John Apakori in the remote Kacheri hideout.

It should be recalled that on the unfortunate date of July 2, John Modo Apakori who hails from Losilang village, North Division in Kotido Municipality intentionally and reportedly shot dead Lt Mayende and Lomuria while they were meeting at Longaroe Trading Centre in Kotido district.

After the criminal act, Apakori ran to Kacheri hideouts until his arrest was made. Security agents recovered SMG number UPDF CP 3036 with six live rounds of ammunition which the warriors’ network previously stole from a slain UPDF soldier. Apakori is now under UPDF custody at 405 Infantry Brigade Headquarters, Nakaperimoru Sub County in Kotido district pending thorough investigation and interrogations.

Once steady investigations are complete, according to the UPDF spokesperson, he will be arraigned in courts of law to answer charges of murder and illegal possession of a firearm among other counts.

"We wish to commend the residents of Kacheri Trading Centre and forces that operate in Kotido district for their vigilance and timely response that led to the arrest of the hardcore criminal," the UPDF spokesperson said in a statement. "This is a sign and testimony of popular support, goodwill and peace-loving."

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